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Latest News

  • Very Sad News

    Very Sad News

    Our sport as we knew it is likely to be on indefinite hold in terms of a return to what we used to consider to be normal – and that means that BDSC has nowhere to go, no-one to support, no-one to meet at any social gatherings, no chance of our presence at major competitions.
    So your Committee is agreed that BDSC has finally outlived its usefulness and we will, over the next few months, close down the Club. We have had a very good innings; BD and dressage in the UK are in excellent shape and we will watch with great interest going forward!

    Please cancel your direct debit/standing order for annual membership forthwith!

    We have some funds in our bank account waiting to be used to support dressage in our usual way. We will have various bills to pay but would appreciate your input as to the final distribution.
    The possibilities include donations to horse charities, such as Brooke and Horse Welfare; perpetual challenge trophies for a particular section of dressage. and/or donations to Paras, Youth, Judges. Please address your preferences to

    The scheduled yard visit to Team Hester had to be postponed but we have a promise from Carl that a new date will be available when it is safe to do so. Updates on FB and the BDSC website in due course, regardless of the Club’s closure.