Talent Spotting Final 2008

Talent Spotting Final 2008




  1. Leona Lock-Williams 13th March 2012 at 1:00 pm #


    Dear BDSC

    My name is Leona Lock-Williams and I took part at the Talent Spotting Finals this year. I competed in the Junior Section. It was a great opportunity to have training from such high class trainers and I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions.
    The weekend was very well organised and it was a friendly atmosphere. I had a most enjoyable weekend and made new friends. I was fortunate enough to come 3rd in my section. I was thrilled. Thank you very much for your generosity in sponsoring the class.
    Thank you very much for donating my training grants for coming 3rd and I was also very pleased to receive your prize to the highest placed BDSC member in the Junior Section. This was a great shock to me and I was so pleased to receive them. I hope to put the grants to good use over the winter to improve my riding.

    Yours sincerely
    Leona Lock-Williams

  2. Andrew Day 13th March 2012 at 1:00 pm #


    Dear Penny

    I was very pleased indeed to open an unexpected letter from Karen Ryder enclosing a generous cheque from BDSC in recognition of Elspeth’s win at the Talent Spotting. The weekend was highly exciting and I think a hugely valuable event. Calling attention to quality of equitation is such an important issue as Christoph Hess emphasised in his wonderful summing up.
    Elspeth’s riding is the product of much care and attention. Annette and I were so proud of her.
    As a result of her success Elspeth has been invited to go out to Germany to spend a short time with Conny Endres. We are all highly excited about this and the generous cheque from the BDSC will go towards the travel costs for the trip.

    Kind regards
    Andrew Day

  3. Hannah Moody 13th March 2012 at 1:00 pm #


    Hi Penny

    Just to say thanks very much to BDSC for their generous cheque which I received for training the winning rider at the Talent Spotting Final. It is very much appreciated.

    With best wishes
    Hannah Moody